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Elections Information



 The next election in  Algonac will be the Presidential Primary on March 10, 2020, which is designated a "closed primary." Michigan Election Law, requires voters wishing to participate in the March 10 eElection to choose a Democratic, Republican, or no-Presidential Primary (local issues only, when applicable) ballot when voting absentee or at the polls on Election Day. While a voter must select a specific party ballot, there is no political party registration in Michigan's voter registration system. However, the voter's ballot selection will be public information for the 22 months following the election.

Registering To Vote

Any citizen of the United States of America who is 18 years of age (at the date of the election) and who has a permanent residence in the City of Algonac may register to vote. The City Clerk is the official elections administrator for the City.  You can come to the City Offices and register to vote.  New voter registration rules took effect recently as a result of Proposal 3 in 2018. 


Absent Voter Ballots
Michigan Election law states clerk's must have a request in writing before they can send an AV ballot to a registered voter. The City of Algonac has a permanent absentee list and all registered voters are eligible for AV voting. If you would like to be placed on the permanent AV list and automatically receive an application for an AV ballot please contact the Clerk’s office or simply complete the Request to be on Permanent Absent Voter List and submit it to the clerk's office. 

Election Inspectors

The City Clerk reviews the list of available elections inspectors for each election.   Due to illness, vacations, or other personal matters there are sometimes not enough inspectors to fill the required spots. If you are interested in becoming an election inspector and working on election days, applications are available at the City Clerk’s office. All election inspectors are required by state law to attend  a school of instruction every two (2) years.  The school of instruction is usually held in St. Clair County and lasts  about three hours. The current rate of pay for the election inspector if $10.00 per hour,  with $20.00 being paid for each training session attended.  Chairman receive $11.00 an hour.

Election Inspectors Application