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The Finance Department is the controlling agency for the management of financial operations for the City in accordance with fiscal policies established by the City Council. The primary goals of this Department are as follows:  The establishment and maintenance of effective centralized resource accounting systems, the control of the assets and financial operations of the City, provision of the framework for financial planning, purchasing, and analysis, coordination of pension information, and facilitate annual independent auditor.The Finance Department manages three functional categories with overlapping responsibilities to ensure an adequate system of internal controls.

Linda G. Mackie

(810) 794-9361 ext. 9

Water Questions
(810) 794-9361 ext. 1

Property Tax Questions
(810) 794-9361 ext. 9
(810) 794-9361 ext. 1
(810) 794-9361 ext. 3

A/P Questions
Lynne DeBoyer

(810) 794-9361 ext. 3

Office Hours:  8 a.m. - 6 p.m. Monday-Thursday
Holidays - Closed (drop box available in parking lot)

The Finance Department is the “front office” which is most familiar to the general public. This is where property taxes, business license fees, special assessments, water bills and other fees for service are paid.  The city also has a drop box available in the parking lot for after hours.

2019-2020 Fee Schedule
2018-2019 Fee Schedule

The two systems accounting for the disbursement of City funds are the payroll and accounts payable systems. In addition, these systems are supported by a full purchasing system that includes encumbrances.

This activity provides accounting and financial management services to the City. These include general ledger and budgetary accounting, treasury management and investments, budget preparation and analysis, systems development and general supervision of the Department.

City of Algonac Financial Dashboard – (External Site)
Assessing and Tax Services – (External Site)
MERS Annual Actuarial Valuation Report 12.31.16
MERS Annual Actuarial Valuation Report 12.31.17
Post Retirement Health Benefits Actuarial Valuation_6.30.18
Audited Financial Statements_6.30.19
Audit Letter_6.30.19

EVIP 2013
5074 EVIP 3 Certification 2013
EVIP 3 Unfunded Accrued Liability Plan 2013
 CVTRS / Michigan Community Dashboard

FY 2019-2020 Adopted Budget
Capital Improvement Plan

July tax bill is due and payable from July 1st through September 3rd without penalty (postmark not accepted). Beginning September 1st a late penalty is added at the rate of 4% and for each month thereafter a 1/2 of 1% per month, not to exceed 6%. After February 28th (leap yr-29th), all delinquent taxes must be paid to the St. Clair County Treasurer with additional interest and penalties. We do not accept post marked dates. Deferment of Summer Tax Bill is available see Application for qualifications and specific due dates.

December tax bill is due and payable from December 1st through February 14th without penalty (postmark not accepted). A 3% penalty is added after February 14th. Beginning March 3rd all delinquent taxes (except personal property taxes) must be paid to the St. Clair County Treasurer with additional interest and penalties. Delinquent taxes contact St. Clair County Treasurer at (810) 989-6915 or visits the St. Clair County Website then click on Taxes & Assessing Search.