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City of Algonac
imgCity of Algonac
City of Algonac
imgCity of Algonac
City of Algonac
imgCity of Algonac
City of Algonac
imgCity of Algonac
City of Algonac
imgCity of Algonac
City of Algonac
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Mayor at BC
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Decorations Committee
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Business of the Year - Scoreboard 'N More
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Citizen of the Year
City Sponsored Programs

Community Bike Ride Calendar Set for 2019 Summer Season
The city of Algonac and Clay Township are setting the 4th Wednesday of the month as the community bike rides. Each month will have a different theme and starting/ending locations. They start May 29th, then its June 26th, July 24th, August 28th, Sept. 19th and Oct 30th. The inaugural ride last summer attracted 75 people! This promises to be a popular group activity. 

Street Art Program
The City of Algonac is looking for interested artists (no residency requirements) to create clever creations from common objects around the city. These “art interruptions” offer passers-by a brief pause, prompting a moment of appreciation, humor, reflection or surprise. The goal of this program is to embrace the artistic talents of local individuals while displaying creative artwork throughout the community. Artists are encouraged to incorporate the character of the surrounding environment and neighborhood into their artwork. There is no cost to apply for the program. Artists are responsible for providing their own materials.

To participate, complete the application/design proposal and waiver and submit forms to cityclerk@cityofalgonac.org. IF you're a student, fill out this Student application. The city will contact you once your application has been approved.


Memorial Chair Program
In the summer of 2018, the City retired the Memorial Bench program because all the available spots for memorial plaques were full. In an effort to bring some color and new interest to the Riverfront Park boardwalk, the Adirondack Memorial Chair Program was initiated. Anyone interested in making a donation for a chair with a plaque can complete the application and submit the form to cityclerk@cityofalgonac.org. 




Appreciation Programs

Algonac Asset Award -- An Algonac Asset is anyone -a public official, an Algonac high school graduate, a community leader, a concerned citizen, a health or human service worker, a volunteer -who has done something to make the community a better place to live, work and play.

Beautification Award  -- aims to recognize local residents and business owners whose properties reflect pride of ownership and contribute in a positive manner to the overall appearance of the community.

Nice Neighbor Award - The city of Algonac Nice Neighbor program recognizes homeowners who do what they can to improve the quality of life for their neighbors.

New Business Ribbon Cutting -- The city of Algonac wants to draw attention in a big way to your business with a ribbon-cutting ceremony. If you are a brand new business, have new digs, just finished a big remodel to accommodate growth or are offering new services a ribbon-cutting ceremony makes a big splash!

Welcome Home -- We are so excited to welcome businesses to the Algonac family! Our neighborhood is our home and we have a stake in what goes on here. If we can support and help and affirm one another, that can make a difference. In a small way, it can make life better for all of us.

The city clerk will continually accept nominations. Recipients of the award are invited to city council meetings. Send nominations to: cityclerk@cityofalgonac.org.

New Property Check Program Initiated

St. Clair County Deputies in the Algonac Substation are now taking Property Check Requests for residents that are away. It's easy to participate; simply fill in the attached form and return to the city. You can bring the form in and leave it at the front counter or you can e-mail to the city clerk at cityclerk@cityofalgonac.org. Either way, the form will be passed to the deputies and your property will be checked on. Any questions, call the city clerk at 810.794.9361 x 215. 

City Adopts Budget and Fee Schedule for 2019-2020 Fiscal Year beginning July 1, 2019 

At the Council meeting on June 4th council adopted the budget and fee schedule for 2019-2020 that is effective July 1, 2019.


City Adopts Meeting Calendar for 2019-2020 Fiscal year
The city's fiscal year starts July 1st and ends June 30th. The calendar for the new fiscal year was adopted on June 4, 2019. 

July 2nd and 16th
August 6th and 20th
September 3rd and 17th  
October 1st and 15th
November 5th and 19th
December 3rd and 17th 
Jan 7th and 21st
Feb. 4th and 18th 
March 3rd and 17th
April 7th and 21st
May 5th and 19th
June 2nd and 16th 



It must be summer - the pool is opening!
Pool opening day is June 14th. There will be a pool party with games, music and concessions and a $2 admission.  Pool hours are 7:30 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday - Friday. Saturday and Sunday hours are 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. There is a daily schedule that includes open swim time, swim lessons, water aerobics and swim team practice. Check the schedules:  swimming lesson schedule , Swim Team, Water Aerobics.  The cost is $30 for 20 visits. A punch pass is available that saves $.50 a visit. Swim lessons are $20 per session. A family season pass is $100 and an individual season pass is $35.  Passes are available at city hall only. City Hall new schedule of Monday - Thursday 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. starts June 3rd. 


Adopt a Park Program
The city of Algonac's adopt a park program is ready for new volunteers. If you're interested in helping out, please fill in the application  and return to the city clerk at cityclerk@cityofalgonac.org. Someone will contact you and you can get started. 


Online Bill Payments starting in July 

Algonac City Council recently approved a contract for Invoice Cloud, a web-based payment solution that will allow customers to pay water bills and taxes online, by text or by phone! Watch for implementation this summer!!

Small Campfires now allowed in the City of Algonac
City Council recently amended the city ordinance to permit small campfires that comply with the following rules: 
1. Campfire container must be no larger than 30 inches in diameter and at least 4 inches in depth and no more than 24 inches in depth
2. Must be set far away from weeds, grass, or other combustible materials
3. Must be at least 10 feet from any structure and 10 feet from any property line
4. Is prohibited on balconies and covered patios
5. Must be made using only seasoned dry firewood
6. Must be constantly attended;
7. Must not create a health hazard for property owners in the vicinity; 
8. Must have extinguishing materials available for immediate use at all times.

ORVs Now Allowed in Algonac
City Council amended the city ordinance to allow ORVs on the roads as long as drivers are at least 16 yrs old with a valid driver's license, all traffic signals are obeyed, they drive with the flow of traffic and drive less than 25 miles an hours. The ORV must have headlights and tail lights. They are not allowed on M-29 except to cross the street.

Golf Carts Now Allowed in Algonac
The city council amended the city ordinance to allow golf carts on the roads as long as the following conditions are met: Drivers must be 16 yrs old with a valid driver's license, must obey all traffic signals, drive only in the daylight, drive on the right side of the road and keep speeds under 15 mph. Gold carts are not allowed on M-29 except to cross the street. 

Now is the Time to Prepare 
St. Clair County Emergency Management officials are monitoring the flooding situation and are advising residents that the time to prepare is quickly passing. In the coming weeks, the southern portions of St. Clair County will continue to see flood waters rise.