Current City Council Members

Eileen Tesch, Mayor
Michael Bembas, Mayor Pro Tem
Corey Blair, Raymond Martin, Jim Osieczonek,
Terry Stoneburner, Mark Thompson

imgLion's Pool
Lion's Pool
imgSteering Wheel Park
Steering Wheel Park
imgWater Front
Water Front
2017 Summer Taxes

2017 Taxes Due
City of Algonac Residents please click on the links below. For information on 2017 City of Algonac Summer Taxes As well as the opportunity for deferment of taxes

2017 Summer Taxes Due Notice

2017 Summer Tax Deferment Form

2017 Winter Taxes Update
Winter tax bills are mailed December 1st and are due by February 14, 2018. The last day to pay these taxes in the City office is February 28. 2018. March 1st they go to the county and are no longer payable at City Hall. 


Attention Algonac Voters


Perm. Absentee Voter List Request Form
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Council Meeting Videos
Algonac Master Plan

Located in Southeast Michigan at the Southern end of  St. Clair County (www.stclaircounty.org) the City of Algonac sits on the beautiful St. Clair River.   In the most recent census, the population was 4,110 people.  It is a truly wonderful place to visit and live.


Addendum to Fertilization Bid Specs
It's been brought to our attention the square footage of Riverfront Park is not included in the 17,030 calculation of square footage needing service.The correct amount should be approximately 217,030 square feet of lawn for Riverfront Park, City Hall and the Water Treatment Plant. The amount stated on the bid documents posted previously omitted the calculation for Riverfront Park, which is approximately 200,000 square feet.  Updated Fertilization Bid doc.  The three separate properties are such: Riverfront Park, 200,000 square feet, City Hall 15,000 square feet and the Water Plant 2,030 square feet. All calculations are approximate numbers and all vendors are urged to inspect the sited before bidding. For more information, contact Joe Vernier, DPW Foreman at 810.794.5451 or at dpw@cityofalgonac.org. 

Invitation to Bid 
The City of Algonac is looking for several vendors for annual spring contracts. We are requesting two-year contracts for all services. Sealed bids will be received until 2:30 p.m. on Tuesday, March 13, 2018 at the office of the City Clerk at City Hall and will be opened immediately.  The following items are needed: 

  • Small project Cement Repair and replacement. Bids need to be in a sealed envelope marked, "Small Cement Repair Bids." Small Cement Specs.
  • Lawn fertilization services. Bids need to be in a sealed envelope marked, "Bid for Lawn Fertilization Services."  Lawn Fertilization Specs.
  • Grass cutting services for properties in violation of Section 18.22 of the Algonac Code of Ordinances. Bids need to be in a sealed envelope marked, "Violation Grass Cutting Bid."  Violation Grass Cutting Specs.
  • City-owned Properties Grass Cutting. Bids need to be in a sealed envelope marked, "City-owned Properties Grass Cutting Bid."  City-owned Grass Cuttings specs. 

Boards and Commissions
The City of Algonac is always ready to welcome new volunteers to the team. The application allows each individual to specify which board or commission they are most interested in participating with. We have a current opening on our Library Board. This board serves in an advisory capacity and meets a few times a year. For more information, contact the City Clerk. 

New domain name for the City Web-site and e-mails
The city migrated to using "cityofalgonac.org" as our domain name as a way to cut costs while providing greater program functionality and increased security of our information. The previous domain name will receive and forward information behind the scenes to the new name for the next several months.We will post a notice when that is no longer viable. In the meantime, please update your bookmarks and contacts.

Algonac Blight Busting and Beautification Group
If you need help with blight and need some extra hands doing so because you are elderly, handicapped or disadvantaged in any way we would be happy to help!For more information click on thebelow: Algonac Blight Busting & Beautification Group

Council Meetings for Fiscal Year 2017-2018

July 18, 2017    January 3 and 16, 2018
August 1 and 15, 2017   February 6 and 20, 2018
September 5 and 19, 2017   March 6 and 20, 2018
October 3 and 17, 2017   April 3 and 17, 2018
November 7 and 21, 2017   May 1 and 15, 2018
December 5 and 19, 2017   June 5 and 19, 2018



Help Protect our shoreline

Slow No Wake

Boats under 26 feet within 200 feet of shore;
Board over 26 feet within 600 feet of shore.